when one gets a car.
my brother just got a whipped up fool, he has a new benz.
by chris denesha June 22, 2007
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To get really excited; to work oneself into a frenzy. To get worked up.
"Oh my god. She was like, totally whipped up about that guy."
by Bethh13a June 2, 2006
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To trip someone up by putting your foot in front of their's while they walk past.
I like to sit in the aisle seat of planes so I can whip up people on the way to the bathroom.

Mrs. Turner gave me a bad mark for my work so I whipped her up on the way out of class.
by Dan Wrong March 14, 2008
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In the 80s, used by teens to mean cook some food for me.
Me: I'm starving. Why don't you go whip up a pot of Ragu.
Friend: Whatcha hungry for? Mac and cheese?
by Diamond in the Ruff. January 6, 2012
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Received a blow job
Guy #1: Really? Right there in the restaurant parking lot?
Guy #2: Yep, I guess she was still hungry so I whipped up a protein shake.
by TheBigHouse February 19, 2012
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In the game Smite, playing as the smith of the gods, it is the act of placing a turret into the field of battle announcing it to your enemies in a somewhat cocky optimistic tone only to have said whipped up turret destroyed within seconds making his hours of whipping up his creation from scratch in his shitty forge down the ass.
Example of a scenario
Announcer: Your left phoenix is under attack.
Player 1: (VDD) Defend!
You*Defending the phoenix from 3 enemies*: "Heres something I whipped up"
*They destroy the turret within 3 seconds*
*Enemies destroy left phoenix**Enemies gank you*
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
Player 1: (VER) You Rock!
Player 1: (VVGG) Good Game!
by Mr Macho Goodie November 6, 2013
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