Post-masturbation sweaty glow accompanied by suspicious activity or appearance.
Jim was looking freshly when we showed up at his apartment unannounced.
by Twenty Twelve March 21, 2007
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something is definite
i freshly missed the bus....

that play was freshly amazing
by victoria guatalupe January 20, 2008
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freshly smashed aka afterglow after a nice fuck
jennie : mino and i did the dirty today !
judy : you are freshly smashed
by saltmaster3000 June 16, 2018
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When you squeeze out your farts nice and fresh, they become freshly squeezed!
Hey Steve, come and take a whiff of this fart! It's freshly squeezed too!
by LonePooper February 4, 2018
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the look of just having just had sex/fucked. Hair all wild, face flushed, bone breaking sex leaves a look to you. Freshly fucked is the only thing that can describe that look. just-got-fucked-hair
I look freshly fucked :D
by delusi0n December 5, 2004
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man juice; semen; can be used as a noun or a verb
"He just freshly squeezed all over me last night!"
"Pump that freshly squeezed bitch!"
by dtf in oc December 27, 2008
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Used to describe a very bad loss in football, rugby, baseball or other sport. The loss must be of a significantly high level.
Jim: How did your team do last night?

Bob: Not good, we were Freshly Spanked!
by GhostShadow July 28, 2010
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