jit got his gun bucked oh naw.
by 716634 October 29, 2021
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1.v: slang for the act of fighting
2.v: slang for disagree'ing and feeling angry towards something
3.n: slang for a young black man
4.n: a male deer
5.n: slang for money
1. me: "Ray was bucking at lunch."
2. teacher: "We have homework tonite"
me: "I buck"
3. me: "I got the new young buck cd"
4. hunter: "I shot a buck last nite."
5. me: "My nintendo DS cost 150 bucks."
by popisdead March 7, 2005
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gettin wild and uncontrollablly crazy
throwin bows, beatin bitches down in tha club, buckin up against people in tha crowd
basically you dumb mother fukers shouldn't have to look this shit up. if you dunno wtf this means you don't need to get buck
and u ain't never gon' be fukin buck
by lil kev from south memphis August 7, 2004
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The actual definition of buck is to prepare yo self to fight or if someone happens to offend you yo get buck
if you buck im finto beat yo pussy ass up right now lil showty.
by Allen June 6, 2004
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Is a car containing leather seats and wood-grain Interior
Pimp C. " smoke'n out, pour'n up,keeping lean up in my cup in my car leather in wood, in my hood we call its buck"
by JonLee713 October 10, 2006
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1. The act of going crazy, insane, or getting pumped up to fight

2. Something awesome, or so ridiculous that it is unbelievable

1. guy 1: "whats that guy doin?"
guy 2: "gettin buck before he fights"

2. guy 1: "whats that?" (looking at colorful-ass AIR JORDS)
guy 2: "the buckest shoes you have ever seen"
by annananim March 31, 2008
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100 pounds. Can be modified to express other weights; for example, a buck-ten would be 110 pounds.
What do you weigh, anyway? A buck-ten?
by rieux November 27, 2003
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