1. Something very very old.
2. Word not commonly used anymore, more so in old literature, or by ancient librarians.
3. Smarter sounding word for ancient.
4. See the first definition about the hacker.
5. Something to call your grandparents when you're really mad at them.
6. A word that will give you brown nose points with your English Teacher.
1. " My this building is archaic."
2. " Let us go hither into the archaic woods."
3. " I said archaic instead of ancient and got an A."
4. " Archaic the government hacker is hardcore."
5. " Yeah, well go screw yourself you archaic ball of wrinkles!"
6. " I said archaic to my teacher and she smiled and told me to go to my seat."
by Rebel_Tin November 30, 2005
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1. An exceptional programmer known for breaking into some of the worlds most guarded systems by finding and executing new vulnerbilities on the fly.

2. This hax0r who is 13373r +h4n j00
Logging into CIA.gov...
Access Granted.
by webster November 03, 2003
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So extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period.
The outfit my teacher wore resembled something a caveman would wear, making me realize it was archaic.
by Yummy Pineapple Cheese. February 25, 2007
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The above definition is mistaken. What the author is talking about is not an "archaic victory," but a Pyrrhic victory.
Tony Soprano would probably refer to a Pyrrhic victory as an archaic victory.
by palaeologos January 17, 2008
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A victory won at too great a cost.
A war won by a particular side, but in too great a cost: crippled economy, depleated population, ruined land. ETC.

"The country suffered an archaic victory."
by Nicholas William November 06, 2006
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No longer in everday use, like Exo's career
Exo is so clapped, that they are no longer of use to SM Entertainment . They have become archaic.
by Ruralbeauty December 23, 2018
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