A sophisticated person with salt and pepper hair and a mustache (Although Alex Trebek no longer has the mustache he will always be known for having one)
Dude, you better hurry up and tee off... Alex Trebek back here is gonna have a shit!
by BBQ May 13, 2008
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Host of Jeopardy with the stare of a thousand bipolar men. Attempts to pronounce foreign words, but sucks major ass.
"In Rio de Janeiro..."

"Alex Trebek, i couldn't even understand you. Go fuck yourself."
by Juicalicious April 26, 2010
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the former host of jeopardy. tends to get ripped on by sean connery in SNL jeopardy.
Alex Trebek: Tom, we can't keep playing if you don't let go of the pickle.

by things trebek sucks February 1, 2010
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When a guy with a mustache goes down on you while you shout out your statements as the answers to questions extra points if you mimic Sean Connery while you do it.
This chick and I did The Alex Trebek last night.

I love older men with mustaches they give the best Alex Trebeks.
by fader48080 November 8, 2020
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