saying that something was hype, rocking, or excited. Lots of fun.
The party last night slaped to hard.
We went to Dj Q89 party last week, it was slapping.
I hope the carnival slap this summer.
by daskeewords March 17, 2011
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thrusting your pelvis in a forward motion slapping your wang-doodler against your belly button.
Person 1: Bro have you checked out the new slap magazine?
Person 2: Yeah dude Bill got Slapper of the Year.
Person 1: I heard he's been slapping since 88'.
by slappy slappington January 10, 2012
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Immense sounds of multiple men fapping in the haunted girl's bathroom
Kaylie said that there was loud slapping in the bathroom
by GayButtFapSlapper November 24, 2016
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Noun. Also "a good slapping": Uk.

A physical assault occaisioning actual bodily harm, but not grievous, which would be a good hiding.
Don't do that or i'll give you a slapping.

1. Did you hear about that bloke last night? Gave this lad a right good slapping!

2. Yeah, broke his nose. I heard it was a proper good hiding.

1. Nah, he didn't get him on the floor and kick fuck out of him or anything.
by edjog! January 09, 2006
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A style of playing music (usually on a bass Guitar) that requires skill, speed,and talent

the combination of the slap and pop technique
the slap techique is usually used in Funk, Latin Funk, Jazz, etc.

it is said that after dominating the "Slap" technique, all other techniques are easy to learn
damn...victor wooten can slap!!

i've never herd awesome slapping like that
by Cheo_the Bassist September 17, 2008
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What happens to you after you take the drug ecstacy, some say rolling, others say slapping. It depends on how hard the drug hits you.
Person one: "Dude, what's going on, you rolling balls?"

Person two: "Man, I am slapping SOOO hard right now! I can barely move."

Person one: "Baller. you got anymore?"
by rave queen July 15, 2009
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