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n: one that fucks another in the rectal sphincter, and LOVES it.
I knew a dude who was a butt fucker.
by ButeFucker April 26, 2003
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This word can be used in two contexts.

The first and more common is an annoying, irritable, or unintelligent person.

The second is someone who actually engages in butt sex. This usage seems fairly uncommon these days, as the word has long lost its original meaning.
Matt, shut up you buttfucker.

Maybe I would hang out with you if you didn't act like such a buttfucker all the time.
by ChemicalGoat May 21, 2009
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One who fucks....butts...of course
You would stick your dick in another guys ass and not even have the courtesy to give a reach around! (IE you're a buttfucker)
by Tawnos March 11, 2003
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a gay guy, because they fuck each other's butts
Connor is such a buttfucker, He fucked his gay friend Karl!
by bitchy October 12, 2003
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One who rides the asses of other men. As in one who inserts a penis or vibrating dildo up the butt of another male. For fun. Oh my. Homo, anyone?
That little manslut buttfucker gave me his big one! He just grabbed my ass and rammed Johnny Horn over and over until he sprayed his gayness all over my butt.
by ArcticFox January 03, 2004
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