like you want her, or like saying you on that with her.
ngl i’m on your body like worrr.
by imfromstl May 21, 2021
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i was just going to tell your body something, bring your body over here, i love your body
by twinkle-twinkle-little-STAR November 5, 2006
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v. usually said when someone is on thin ice, pushing the limit. When someone is "doing too much"and "gets out of character" or "forgets who they are" . Mainly used in the Texas Louisiana Mississippi area.
"You out your body now."
"Get out your body and I'll show you something. "
"Don't get out your body"
by slaatdatslimelifeshawty July 3, 2019
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John Mayer song from his hit debut album Room for Squares. Basically, a romantic song about sex.

See also: No Such Thing
And if you want love,
We'll make it
Swim in a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break 'em
This is bound to be awhile

Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonder
I'll use my hands
Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonderland
by Nicolle August 15, 2003
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Fix your body means to sit up straight

It is other verbal cue for sitting up straight
Mikey fix your body please

Ryan read the room what is everyone doing and fix your body
by Hakanson mike July 27, 2021
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