Choppy water. The opposite of butter. Not acceptable for wakeboarding.
We were going to wakeboard this morning but the water was like margarine so we just surfed instead.
by unstopular August 28, 2010
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tamara is MARGARINEEEEE. she nastayyy like that cb!
by dmagic May 3, 2007
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what wordkevin halfhill/word uses for lube while he is masturbating to gay porno
by an anonymous source October 30, 2003
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the thing that is healthier than butter and no it is not plastic
I hoped for my dad to get more margarine but he said it was plastic
by pookiesgramma March 17, 2018
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A horrible fake substance that is out to kill me.
Margarine is pure evil.
by Froggity November 24, 2020
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An epic prank where one shows someone else some margarine.

Can be done with pictures online or in real life with real margarine.

Usually followed by the phrase "got u good fucker"
Wow I can't believe you just margarined me man! Too far!
by Ouchothegreat August 31, 2017
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