1) the physical act of, basically, moving your feet in a fast rythmic motion to propel yourself forward at a greater speed than if you were walking or jogging.
2) a sport, wherein people run as a form of athletic activity as opposed to merely another action that a person can take. In other words, they run for the sake of running (or in order to compete with other individuals in an event called a "race.") Some people totally dedicate themselves to this sport, to the point where it is a major part of their lives. Others do it on a fairly regular basis in order to stay in shape, or as part of a training/workout regimen.
Still others run occasionally, when they feel like it.
In order to run well, it helps to have good form (running incorrectly can put stress on your joints and be even more painful), good endurance, patience, and commitment (you don't just give up after 5 seconds, or you'll never get anywhere).
1) He was running through the snow to escape the grizzly bear. Then, he realized this was rather stupid because trying to outrun a grizzly is pretty much pointless. They're too fast.

2) The cross country kids went running after school. Everyone else stared at them funny because it was 25 degrees out and snowing.
by bluesmobile February 9, 2006
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"In running there is no off season because running is not just a sport, its a lifestyle."

"Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way. Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running." -Julie Isphording, Marathon winner
"Miriah what are you running today?"
"Oh idk, probably 8miles."
"Come on lets do 10"
"Ok, I'm feeling pretty good anyways"
by LPence April 28, 2008
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An obsession that only certain individuals feel compelled to partake in. The individuals may or may not be large consumers of Coca Cola, but probably are. A past time that provides some kind of euphoric feeling for obsessors who look back upon past runs. Running provides more euphoria, for some reason, when the distance that has been run is longer rather than shorter. Those who participate in running have a compulsive drive for continuous improvement.
Dave kept compulsively running and running until his doctor put him in the hospital to make him refrain from worsening his hamstring injury, even though Dave had not yet outrun every 10K record ever set.
by Layer 2 June 6, 2006
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hell on pavement, asphalt, grass, ground or any other semi-firm surface. Counterpart: swimming
1: I got stuck going out
2: Reaally what'd you do?
3: Running.
by blondiebandie May 12, 2005
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A rather effective mode of transportation. Basically, the act of walking faster, but slightly different. Should not be confused with a sport. Is a major part of many sports, but not a sport itself.
Damn, that guy is running fast because he is trying to get to (insert name of place).
by iamprettycool March 19, 2009
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(verb) that you can do to other people
simalar to using
You're an idoit, Juli is just running your ass.
by Sherrice August 28, 2006
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the dreaded shit you take where you wake up in cold sweats and get butt ass naked on the toilet and pray to god, crying, for your shits to stop
dude, i had the runs this morning and almost ended my own life
by @samyoule March 10, 2019
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