A persn who is prone to speaking bullshit
He has some great insights, but he is such a 'blatherskite' that you never understand them, or know if he is just talking sheep dip.
by talk2me-JCH2 September 22, 2022
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A babbling, foolish person
nonsense blather
blthrskt (without vowels)
author blthrskt
Staten Island, NY
Blathering Blatherskite
From Ducktales, Fenton Crackshell accountant to Scrooge McDuck...always said this... then Gyro invented a robot, Gizmo Duck, and used a secret password to get the Gizmo Duck robot suit on the person who said the word "Blatherskite"...and in turn Fenton Crackshell became Gizmo Duck...whenever he said the secret password..."Blatherskite"...
by blthrskt April 30, 2009
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Someone who talks rubbish, mainly tall stories etc. Literally 'blather shite', but the H became a K somehow.
Don't listen to old Tom in the pub, he's just a blatherskite.
by David from Kingsbury November 8, 2003
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Person: *drops vase on foot* “Blatherskite!”
by Linkcrofty May 11, 2022
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Blatherskite, is, in fact, as for say, to be sure, this, absolutely, great, and, extravagant, word, or, so that, makes you think, if, you, by far, should, be able to, or even need, to be concise. Noting, that in fact, you may not be, concise. It is an adjective that, in fact, measures, that quality of word choice. This text, is in fact, a great, and excellent way, of explaining this topic, for it is not great in terms of Blatherskitness.
Guy 1: Have you searched Blatherskite in the Urban Dictionary?
Guy 2: Yeah, that was Blatherskite.
Guy 1: He needs Grammarly.
by WeirdoIng April 7, 2020
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From the cartoon series 'Ducktales'.
Fenton P Crackshells key phrase needed to turn into Gizmo Duck.
When Fenton Crackshell said "Blatherin' blatherskite!", he turned into Gizmo Duck.
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
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A slur that means unsuccessful, inferior, or unfit. Usually used in the context of school.
You blathering blatherskite! you will never amount to anything!
by CreepX1_ February 1, 2021
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