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Commonly used shorthand for "Public House". Pubs are non-membership bars serving all sorts of alcoholic beverages. Most commonly found in the British Isles or Eire.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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A meeting place where people attempt to obtain advanced states of mental incompetance by the repeated consumption of fermented vegetables.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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A pub is somewhere you should feel comfortable to spend the whole day and even take children during earlier hours. It should be a cosy place, decorated in a friendly and welcoming manner, if a little naff. There should be games available such as pool, darts and a quiz machine. The better ones will even have dominoes, chess and backgammon sets behind the bar. There ought to be a jukebox around with the entire Led Zeppelin discography or at least get the lads to bring their guitars and fiddles and we'll kick up a tune ourselves.

If you're there at lunchtime hours expect pies, fish & chips and a half-decent tikka masala to be available, if your in during later hours than you'll have to make do with crisps, pickled onions and Scotch eggs. If you're good mates with the landlord, however, he may be willing to make you a sandwich when you're absolutely tanked at 1.30 am.

If the pub takes even the least amount of pride in what they do there will be a good choice of real ales such as Hobgoblin and Old Tom served at cellar temperature as these actually taste of something unlike near-frozen mass-produced lagers. The good ol' water-of-life should be in abundance be it Irish, Scotch, Bourbon or otherwise. In short, a pub is the very focal point of civilised society.
The pub down the block is my favorite hang out
by YBrenin April 07, 2014
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A public multiplayer lobby in a video game; known for being casual and unorganized. This term also refers to people who exclusively play or are known to play on public multiplayer lobbies, aka public players. Such players are often viewed as noobs or as casual by the organized demographic of the gaming community; those who are part of a gaming group that participates in private or competitive gameplay.
CLAN | Gamer156: Wanna play pubs real quick while we wait?

CLAN | Gamer295: Yea, I'll hop in a pub and invite you. I needed to warm up anyway.

CLAN | Gamer156: I think I might try and recruit some pubs for the clan while I'm there.

CLAN | Gamer295: Good luck. Most pubs are only interested in casual gameplay, and, if you do recruit a pub, you'll probably get a noob.

CLAN | Gamer156: We were both noobs at one point. I'm sure there's a pub out there who wants to spice up their gameplay a little.
by Wh00t Wh00t October 09, 2020
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Short for public house (an English term for a bar, or place that serves alcohol)
Fancy coming down the pub for a beer
by IanM September 14, 2003
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