something that holds flowers
by jon December 10, 2003
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something that phil lester, or amazingphil, drinks out of for some odd reason, even though it's supposed to hold flowers.
PINOF9 question
Person: Why do you drink out of a vase?
Amazingphil: I don't know what you're talking about.
by the 420th edgelord December 7, 2018
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To smoke Marijuana. Similar to toke and cheef.
by levase1 April 20, 2009
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an object that was broken at a super cool jock dudes party. nobody found out who broke it. was it you?
Thomas: AH! WHY?! *vase shatters*
Super cool jock dude: BROOOOOO! No effing way, dude! Who broke this vase? Who broke this vase? Seriously, guys. Everyone who is here at my awesome party- this huge crowd of people who are definitely here right now-
Virgil: oh my god...
Super cool jock dude: Somebody broke my grandma's vase, and that was the last thing she gave to me before she died! I swear on all things football and skateboarding that I will find you. Don't make me cry these incredibly manly tears! Anyone can speak up right now, and be a part of this scene... especially those of us who aren't imagined and are actually here on the stage.
Virgil: *sighs in I'm So Done With This*
Super cool jock dude: Like, not the people who are imagined to be here through means suspension of disbelief.
Logan: I do not understand theatre.
Super cool jock dude: Very well, I shall continue searching for the culprit in the next room! *walks away* Stephanie, you wanna bake some cookies?
Patton (Janus): Aaaand scene!
by just.fandom.th1ngs October 4, 2020
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taken from the phrase ming vase (ming as in minger)persons or person who is or are aesthetically challenged.One whos face would almost certainly not grace the pages of vogue.
oi don't fancy yours much she's a flippin' vase mate
by reynaldo et sheill January 15, 2003
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A seriously ugly person - a minger
she's a vase, mate I'm tellin yer - she's a ming vase
by red wine bitch January 4, 2003
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