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X-Plane 11 is another flight simulator. When FSX was running the flight simulator market, X-Plane launched an ultra realistic textured sim with particle physics. Addons were very expensive because making a plane was very difficult, while making planes in FSX was very easy. Prepar3d saw this and made a tweaked version of FSX with ultra realistic physics. So Prepar3d had the advantage of great physics and the simplicity of making addon aircraft. Although it is loved by the Aviation Community FS2020 is going to smash everything.
Guy 1: I love X-Plane 11
Guy 2: What about FS2020
Guy 1: Yes
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by WeirdoIng April 20, 2020

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Imagine you wake up in the morning, and you feel a sudden urge to suddenly be a dick. You decide to be a total boomer and try and ruin as many lives as humanly possible. The verb to define being a masochist at being a jerk. You enjoy others pain. You divorce Dave, take the kids, treat them as your slaves and have a weird Karen Haircut. You are the ultimate devil and evil goat god
Dave: My wife divorced me and took the kids!
Me: She was Karening! What a Karen! You should also learn how to Karen
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by WeirdoIng April 16, 2020

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Blatherskite, is, in fact, as for say, to be sure, this, absolutely, great, and, extravagant, word, or, so that, makes you think, if, you, by far, should, be able to, or even need, to be concise. Noting, that in fact, you may not be, concise. It is an adjective that, in fact, measures, that quality of word choice. This text, is in fact, a great, and excellent way, of explaining this topic, for it is not great in terms of Blatherskitness.
Guy 1: Have you searched Blatherskite in the Urban Dictionary?
Guy 2: Yeah, that was Blatherskite.
Guy 1: He needs Grammarly.
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by WeirdoIng April 07, 2020

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