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Unqualified or unsuitable for a task, inadequate or inappropriate.

Incompetent or dysfunctional, subpar.
Even in the very remote chance that they didn't kill their children, Casey Anthony and Diane Downs were by many accounts very unfit mothers and put their own frivolities and desires before their children; Anthony lived the "bella vita" while Downs was a bed hopper who preyed on married men and neither worried about the safety of their children.

George W. Bush was a shamefully unfit president who recklessly endangered his people and made them look like fools.
by Lorelili August 11, 2011
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when your so fucked up from drugs/alchohol that your unable to do everyday activities.
Bob tried to logon to myspace after smoking a few blunts, but was unfit to type his email.
by unfitparanormal December 04, 2009
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