a gun or pistol usually concealed, typically talked about or mentioned in rap music.
I got The H in my belt, cocked it back and the other guy fell.
by Kounty Kid April 28, 2009
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This is a direct reference to Hillary Clinton. The genesis of the word-phrase comes from 50s high school talk, a time when bouncing blonde bimbos were unaware of the fact that the word whore began with a W. Thus, one would overhear in the hallway, "Look at her, the little H!" So, ultimately, Hillary has come to fulfill the the void, The H. No doubt, the Republican Party will soon seize upon the phrase in a nationwide whispering campaign to their party workers to use "The H" when they refer to Hillary Clinton in public places.
I flipped on the tube and there was The H, giving Rumsfeld nine kinds of hell.
by Patrick W. Crabtree August 04, 2006
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