Term used by gamers to "Lay flat on stomach and 'crawl'" - Used in First Person shooter games such as the new "Farcry" (Prone Key 'V').

Effective sniper shots are taken in the 'prone' position.
To achieve higher accuracy, you should PRONE before you shoot.
by PsylinK April 19, 2004
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having a natural inclination or tendency to something; disposed; liable:
E.g to be prone to an illness
by Basicallyme August 02, 2007
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Something that is more likely to happen
If I drop a banana peel, the person behind me is prone to slip on it
by The translator 5472527 January 14, 2016
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Slang for the word porn Results on instant messenger when people are on autopilot and cannot spell.
Dude, you weren't sick, you were home dl'n prone!
by Simple Sam February 07, 2005
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Proning- Proactive Stoning. The act of smoking weed and being proactive. Smoking weed and gets things done.. One who prones may be a proner..
Son- Mom, I'm proning... Ill be home around 11pm..

Mom- You're doing WHAT?

Son- Proactive stoning.. Im getting high and doing shit!

Mom- Oh ok, be safe!

Mom to Friends- Im so proud of John for being a proactive stoner! Weed is such a good thing
by Michaelmus shaw October 07, 2013
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The act of laying flat on the ground with a weapon in an online game. It usually involves a player laying on the ground with a weapon that doesn't require skill or with a weapon that isn't made to be proned with.
That demon lala is proned in the corner, camping again!
by FCan February 01, 2008
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The thing which a specified person does at any given time.
Oh man, are you proning on me?
I'm so going to prone your arse.
by meow-tse tung July 16, 2011
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