Tom seems like a quiet, shy person to the people who don't know him but to his friends he is the jokester and the glue that holds them all together. Despite being shy and quiet, Tom will go out of his way to help others if they're in need. Tom has a limited amount of friends who he has carefully chosen. He is not interested in having the most friends or being the most popular. He is not afraid to break-off his friendships if he thinks it's necessary. Tom values his family more than anything, even his sibling(s) who he acts like he hates. Tom acts a bit immature among his friends, but really he is a caring person who spends a lot of time thinking about others and would happily listen to your problems and offer his help. Tom enjoys being social at times. but often he likes to spend time alone with himself to listen to music, think and reflect.
Tom is a real nice guy
by Tomwithat March 3, 2018
An aristocrat of the soul, as blue-blooded as they come. A brave and strong Viking warrior-philosopher. Truly noble, gallant and chivalrous. A person of great depth - of mind, soul and heart. Strongest personality you'll come across, nothing can break his indomitable spirit.
Tom is an übermensch. He deserves fantastic dtea.
by Other ubermensch April 8, 2021
Tom: Tom is generous and sweet. Tom can be a total man-child, tom can be perverted. But Tom is a man you'd be lucky to have because though he might live far away he wants to take care of you when your sick or sad. he wants to calm you down when youre mad and snuggle you to sleep every night. tom is sensitive and his feelings will brake easy but its ok because its better than building walls. tom likes to do impulsive things when hes having a bad week. Tom know what he does wrong when he does it and says sorry when it is unneeded. Tom is the most perfect, handsome man in the whole universe and im lucky to have him. I want to grow old and, if I solidly change my mind, have children with him. I want to sleep in his arms every night. I want to have adventures with him. He is my Dark Angel and I am his Dark Princess <3
Tom: I love you forever.
Me: I love you till the day after forever
by DarkPrincess December 10, 2013
Known as God, God destroyer, and the god of gods. At an early age he was gifted with the art of plumbing.. at the age of 10 he was recognized as the greatest plumber in the world (winning his first Nobel peace prize). At the age of 14 he was able to touch a pipe and it would automatically be installed to code. Within a few years he was able to plumb entire buildings just by looking at the project. They say Tom is also able to control the flow of rivers and currents in oceans. Jesus Christ approached him when he was at the age of 20 and told him he was a god. Jesus was never seem again.
by Tomswitness September 12, 2019
Thomas lines his desk with senpai girls figurines which also reflects how he lines his social life with the same women. Tom is referred to as the king, outlining his humble and kind personality. Tom is renowned across his lands for his deep knowledge in English, he is exceptional in the subject. But Tom is still in school, yet his power and senpai dolls, and there has be conversations of a public execution due to his tendency to never be at school. Tom's court is advised by Emmett and he is planning to make Xeev his queen.
Matt: Due to your crimes against schooling and friendships, Thomas ____ you have been given the order of execution by guillotine

Crowd - DEATH DEATH DEATH FOR Tom the King
*Josh drops the rope, the guillotine slices through his tender neck, his head drops into the hand woven basket
by Daniel5tookenham February 25, 2022