Someone who is forced everyday in his life to be an example in Urban Dictionary definitions.
He wants to be free.
He also has a brother, Guy 2.
It is said that he is used in every example in a sentence in Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1: I can't!
Urban Dictionary writer: Give an example of the definition!
Guy 1: No....
Urban Dictionary writer: Then I will delete you from this text if you can't.
Guy 1: NO! Okay I'll do it!
Urban Dictionary writer: Good.
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He always gets to be first. Damn you first guy
Guy 1: Haha im first
Guy 2: Why are you always first :(
by hahalolxddd February 6, 2020
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Kind of a chad, always up in some shit on here. When you see his name somewhere, you know something crazy is about to go down
Guy 1: hey it's me
Guy 2: that's so meta
by 99coronasonawall March 19, 2020
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Guy 1: Am I breaking the 4th wall right now?
Guy 2: idk.

Guy 1: I think I may be.
by SeeS May 13, 2014
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guy 1: does anybody?... help...
guy -1: hello there, how does it feel to be lost and forgotten?
by guywithaspoon February 9, 2022
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Every word (almost) everyone uses on a demo of how to use a word
Guy#1: im bored
Guy#2: go to urbdic you lame dipshit
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Seemingly in every Urban Dictionary definition. Not sure how they’re not worldwide famous
Guy 1 and Guy 2 in unison: Hi everyone, it’s Guy 1 and 2 and we’re famous on this website because examples are hard
by nlolhere June 25, 2020
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