Hey! Did you see that dumb grammarly ad?
No I have an ad blocker.
by Jarate Of Milk September 29, 2020
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That annoying ad that comes up every other video on Youtube. It is very strange people are paying for this because you can do the same things on Microsoft Word and Google drive. Has been proven to increase ones need for bleach or tide pods down the throat.
retard: oi man who made this stupid grammarly trash?
douche: Clorox
by Dailymotion.inc September 20, 2018
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A monolingual beta who forces me to show confidence. Even when you tone it down it still forces you with the premium corrections cuz you can still see the yellow lines of the premium correction even if you have the free version.
Person: I kind of learned this (meaning they may not have really learned it well)
Grammarly: You mean "I learned this", be confident ^^
Person: stfu grammarly
by Maxgamer345 July 31, 2023
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The annoyingly long and snobby ad which gives you High School English class flashbacks. "With Grammarly, I can empower girls" "with Grammarly, I can send a job email". No shit, but you can do all of the above without paying $30/month. Just learn to spell and not confuse there with their and use Microsoft word. The fact that Grammarly has paid for so many ads really make you wonder how many people are either illiterate or gullible.
Ugh, another Grammarly ad?

More like "grab money"
by Grammarly sucks May 23, 2019
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The app that pops up whenever you open Google Chrome on a school Chromebook.
Grammarly is pretty much useless. If only there was a way to stop its ads on Chrome.
by Kugeln April 24, 2019
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that one bullshit add that you see on every other youtube video. It is the reason adblockers exist, and if you think grammarly is good you need a big bonk on the head
smart person: Grammarly is trash
dumb person: no its good
smart person: *gives dumb person a big bonk on the head*
dumb person: *dies*
by kooskoos1234 April 28, 2021
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A scum app invented by Boris and Natasha at the behest of Fearless Leader to treat writers (including Rocky and Bullwinkle) like dirt over small errors and make Sethical lose his whole channel because they think slang is complete bulldust. Heck, I could pull a better app out of my hat.
This definition has been hacked. Only 🅿️ottsylvanians whoms’t’d’ve’ll utilize Grammarly can see this.
by MrWhomstDVe January 17, 2020
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