When two individuals are interested in each other, make out etc on a regular basis, but are not dating. There may or may not be the prospect of dating in the future. Not to be confused with "friends with benefits".
Judy and Paul hang out every Saturday night, and talk throughout the week, but are apparently "just talking".
by Becca51 March 1, 2008
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it means there is no meaning behind the words. it makes no sense.
Lbot just talking bro i swear. .
by paidd April 6, 2021
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when someone denies singing to avoid humiliation
i wasnt singing, i was 'just talking it'
by FxckRyaan December 8, 2013
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A way to secretly tell a person that you are having sex. If you don't want your parents to know who you are sleeping with, just tell them that you are just talking.
by Steve5214 April 4, 2016
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When two people have sex on a regular basis, go out on dates, workout at the gym together, cook dinner for each other, hang out with each other's friends, introduce family members and co-workers to each other and are not intimate with anyone else, are a couple, but haven't had "the talk"
Friend at gym: hey John, is this your girlfriend?

Girl smiles and looks at John

John: no, we're just talking
by RealTalk247 October 3, 2014
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a popular word that jayla says when somebody say some shit they know they not gon Do
you just talking
by you just talking November 12, 2017
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A term coined by basic bitches that means they are either cheating on you, planning to cheat on you, or that you're their side dick.

John: "Hey so I saw you calling that guy bae? Who is he?"
Jane: "Oh he ain't shit, we just talk"
by Truthspeaker1125 March 6, 2015
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