An Irish last name. Fentons are rare now but are just the greatest of people. They're hilarious people that care so much about other people. They are strong and independent. Don't mistake their kindness for weakness though because once you do they will get their revenge on you.
Very attractive people, typically tall with golden hair and gorgeous eyes. Love laughing and working hard for what they deserve.
"Hey, there's Fenton"
"Dude we should invite him to the party tonight!"
"He's already invited"
"Oh yeah of course! haha can't wait!"

"Aye she's cute"
"Yeah man but that's Fenton's sister!"
"That's awesome dude!"
"Yeah it is but be careful. Break her heart and we'll never see you again man"
by Khako October 20, 2014
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The terrible, sinking, feeling you get when something you worked very hard on is suddenly irreparably changed for the worst by the inconsiderate action(s) of an individual or small group.
1. You spend all day working on that last minute assignment and after having completed it and left the room only breifly discover your pet dog/cat/parrot/liger has destroyed the fruits of your labour. This is all made worse by them trying to, in their own simple way, tell you that everything is fine.

2. The free from corporate interests social network for hospitality exchange I spent 5 years participating in just got sold out to the tune of 7.6 million without myself or the vast majority of 3 million members being consulted.

Person 1. 'What is wrong with you? You look sad.'
Person 2. 'I just got dumped by my partner. Completley out of the blue. They are seeing somebody else already. I feel pure fenton.'

Person 1. 'This shit is making me mad and fenton. I don't know if I should scream or puke. Maybe I'll do both.'
Person 2. 'Calm down dear. Everything is ok.'
Person 1. 'Fuck off! You did this to me!'

Horribe person (probably some kind of evil nemisis, but not a very bright one).
'I fentoned them all so hard they will be crying for a year while I count my illicit money. Muhahahaha. Muahahahaha. Hahahaha. Muhahahaha.'
by Dissapointed Free Spirit September 2, 2011
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A leader or most respected or feared of the gang
"Jordan is the fenton of the gang for sure"
by Dimarian March 30, 2017
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The act of superior dominance in the guise of petulant inferiority...Similar to the rope-a-dope technique used to draw in Wanna be predators on the attack, only for the tables to turn in a demoralizing fashion...The art or War
"Mel didn't even see that shit coming B... He ran up on the kid and got his ass OD fentoned, he didnt know he had the strap on him, Backed Mel up and took HIS shit"
by Mandingo supreme May 25, 2019
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a “Fenton” is when a person changes the rules of a game or groupchat to defend his/her giant ego.
Person 1: Kieran is been such a Fenton right now
Person 2: tell me about it
by ANTI_999 August 29, 2021
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Full of fake rich kids. They walk around in their 100$ shoes 100$ Hollister windbreakers and 100$ joggers. They all think their the shit because they hit their Sourins in the bathrooms(Juulrooms) at school. A city where the druggies meet up at the little kids playground down town. There is no down town to be heard of but there is always someone walking around down there. Then there is the Applefest the only thing that EVER happens there. Where girls give blow jobs on the Ferris wheel and kids buy weed in the parking lot. Half of the kids live in apartments but somehow afford Designer clothes, a vape and the newest iPhone all while their parents drive their Leased Escalades and Mini Vans. The Freshmen football players are all way to small and the cheerleaders are all skinny and short. Kids from Fenton think they are the shit but no one from any other state or even part of the state knows where it is.
Person 1: you wanna take our 7 year old kids to the park in downtown Fenton?
Person 2: only if you want them to smoke weed or get shot
by KTH😉 November 15, 2018
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Fenton is an amazing person who everyone likes and everyone worships. Most people would die for him. He makes friends very easily because he is extremely funny and likeable. He is very easy to talk to and cares very much for his friends. He is very handsome and cute. According to some girls, he’s very good in bed too. He usually hangs out with his best friend, Ethan, but at other times will hang out with some of his other many friends. Whenever he walks by, all the girls faint or blow kisses to him, only wishing they could go out with him. He is overall an amazing person and you’d definitely want to be friends with him.
Hey is that Fenton?
I wish I could make out with him so badly!
by Alex Perth October 22, 2019
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