A waterfowl.

But also, a funny person
T: I saw two ducks yesterday, they were stalking me through the window

H: I is a duck for sure
by Ace the simp March 9, 2023
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A truly evil creature with little to no remorse.
Guy: how are you?

Other guy: good.
Duck: *murders both guys*
by Herbert Alainius December 14, 2014
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Can be used instead of avoid. To duck someone/somethings means to stay away from; steer clear of.
"Yo, stop ducking me"

person 1: "you going to work today"
person 2: "i'm on the schedule but i'm tryna duck that"
by pearadox March 27, 2018
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Superior being, created to lead and teach.
Ducks, a reason to live.
someone: look at that ugly duck
someone intelligent and awoke: do not disrespect this superior being.
by intelligent and awoken person February 11, 2021
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