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Used to represent the value of nothing, zero (0), zip.
Jim: Hey, I'm broke. Can I borrow some cash from you? How much do you have?
John: Sorry, Zilch!
by Dalton April 29, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Zilch is another word for zero or minuscule.
"Damn he has like zilch health left."
"What the size of his penis? zilch lol"
by Isahhhn Meotrash March 26, 2017
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To press the button on one's ambulance pager to signal a response to the nightly tone tests.
Dude, don't forget to zilch your pager tonight at 6:45.

Don't worry, I got it covered.
by LOVECHEESE September 26, 2011
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A fat Asian person that is shaped like a beachball because they are so round.
HAHAHA. You don't need eggroll your a fat zilch.
via giphy
by RealYatler2 October 19, 2018
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The zilch is a part of the cock.

The zilch is exactly the rim of the bell (bell-end), where the shaft of the man's Johnson ends and the bell-end begins.
It is that rim, ridge, edge which is known as the zilch
Jimmy doesn't get head from girls with braces any more in fear of getting his bell-end ripped off by the zilch
by noegnuD epaR eht fo dnegeL January 27, 2012
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