Used to represent the value of nothing, zero (0), zip.
Jim: Hey, I'm broke. Can I borrow some cash from you? How much do you have?
John: Sorry, Zilch!
by Dalton April 30, 2004
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Zilch is another word for zero or minuscule.
"Damn he has like zilch health left."
"What the size of his penis? zilch lol"
by Isahhhn Meotrash March 27, 2017
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To press the button on one's ambulance pager to signal a response to the nightly tone tests.
Dude, don't forget to zilch your pager tonight at 6:45.

Don't worry, I got it covered.
by LOVECHEESE September 26, 2011
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A word used to describe nothingness or an absence of something.
Sam had zilch in his bank account.
by brian April 27, 2004
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Hilary Clinton's chance of winning and the number of her supporters.
Sexist 1: Did you guys here that Hilary won the presidency?

Sexist 2: *vomits* Dude, sometimes jokes go to far.

Bill Clinton: Yeah, my puppet had zilch chance of winning since the beginning.
by Andrew Tayla February 25, 2008
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A single entity which single handedly supplies a anti-pimple cream oxident or corperation with 90% or more of of its profit
Spriggan needs to stop acting like a Zilch
by Teddy Roosevelt February 22, 2003
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(Adjective) When something or someone has experienced the act of Zilching, causing its quality or ‘awesomeness’ to increase exponentially.
Did you see Jane? She got seriously ZILCHED over summer!
Man, could smash a Slurpee ZILCHED right about now.
by Erol Nocaed July 3, 2013
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