how an asian person says "surprise!"
man: *walks into room*

by Clattoray February 24, 2010
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A synonym for the gamer smack talk owned. Not to be used without the suffix -ied.

The word was coined by a Starcraft gamer when he observed another player being perpetually distracted by his opponent's unusual supply depot (building) placement. The distraction was so alluring it ultimately cost him the game.
You just got supplied.
by Shaun H July 17, 2006
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Anything that is good for your health such as cigarettes, cigars, dip, weed, alcohol, pills, and nyquil.
After I get the supplies running through my veins I will be good to go.
To increase my lung health I need to smoke more supplies.
by The supplier#1 March 05, 2010
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A little place in North Carolina you've never heard of. It's the jealous and neglected sister of Holden Beach.
Person 1: How about we stop by Holden Beach today? There's nothing else to do around here.

Person 2: Ok. After we're done though, lets go play with some pine cones in Supply.
Person 1: Sounds awesome to me!
by Apatheticcat March 13, 2011
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To privode for sexually or to engage in sexual acts with another consenting party.
He was supplying that booty!
by Reisser May 23, 2003
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To give one of a wide variety of sexual favors to a second party. Usually the kind that people talk about in awe afterwards.
(1)He was SUPPLYIN' DAT BooooOTAY!
(2) I heard that Eilhsa is a good supplier.
by Unotag July 21, 2003
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One who LOVES authority though bark is usually worse that bite. Can resemble a Sesame St character in appearance.
The King ruled over the people in with a SUPPLIES like tendency...
by Forum Friend hehehe June 15, 2003
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