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Used to represent the value of nothing, zero (0), zip.
Jim: Hey, I'm broke. Can I borrow some cash from you? How much do you have?
John: Sorry, Zilch!
by Dalton April 29, 2004

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A silly or cute alternative of the word evil.
You're such an ebil bashturd!
by Dalton April 20, 2004

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A drink, that kids drink. also comes in strawberry and vanilla
Billy isnt gay, but he drinks Chocolate Milk Shakes
by dalton August 18, 2003

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a greating like hello, that can be used with friend or foe, when knowing the person's name or even when you don't (funnier if you don't)
person one: here comes that fag. i can't rememeber his name.
person two: hey guys!
person one: sup dick?
by Dalton April 21, 2005

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To be out of the ordinary at an extreme. Often used to express an enjoyable but grotesque time.
He wore an insanely bizarre-o pair of spandex last week!
by Dalton April 11, 2005

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a slutty ass female that thinks she is hot.
look at that smelly ass slach-hooch she is always hitting on me
by Dalton February 28, 2005

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An addict of anything.
Josh in a Mountain Dew monstier.
by Dalton May 02, 2004

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