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see 'hun'
by Dalton October 13, 2003
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ok the first time i rote this i spelled things rowng!kk i love sooey she is the best person in the world.i love you sooey i love you like a monkey loves bananas lol I LOVE SOOEY
i love soo so much that it like omg i love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is my sooey 101
by Dalton November 10, 2004
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a greating like hello, that can be used with friend or foe, when knowing the person's name or even when you don't (funnier if you don't)
person one: here comes that fag. i can't rememeber his name.
person two: hey guys!
person one: sup dick?
by Dalton April 21, 2005
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Again, another version of own or pwn.
"Dude, that nub just got OENT!"
by Dalton May 9, 2004
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To be out of the ordinary at an extreme. Often used to express an enjoyable but grotesque time.
He wore an insanely bizarre-o pair of spandex last week!
by Dalton April 11, 2005
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usually retarded. also might have one or more of the following: diabetes, large tooth gaps, goofiness, or just plain stupidity.
"Don't be like JB" or "You just pulled a JB!"
by Dalton April 20, 2005
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