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A pencil to spare. Do you ever seem to misplace your pencils right before exams? Have no fear! Someone one has ought to lend you a spencil!
Person 1: Does anyone have a spencil?

Person 2: What the hell is a spencill?

Person 1: A pencil to spare, silly! Everyone knows that!
by LOVECHEESE December 21, 2011

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To press the button on one's ambulance pager to signal a response to the nightly tone tests.
Dude, don't forget to zilch your pager tonight at 6:45.

Don't worry, I got it covered.
by LOVECHEESE September 26, 2011

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Stomach fat. But a better way to say it.
Dude, I seriously need to kill baby pudge.

Who's that?

My stomach fat.

What does that mean?

I'm still fat......
by LOVECHEESE January 15, 2012

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When OMG and no way had sexual intercourse, NOMG was born.
Did you hear the news? If you stick your head in a toilet, you will get pink eye!

NOMG! Let's go try!
by LOVECHEESE January 26, 2012

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