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The noise made when you have the walkin farts to cover the embarrassing sounds excreated by the poop cutter.
"Woop Woop Woop Woop....."
"Damnit Granma you got the walkin farts again?"
by brian March 7, 2005
short for on the down low. meaning a brotha is secretly looking for have sex with another dude
DL brotha here lookin to freak wit a hot dude.
by brian January 23, 2005
This is what a Korean-born guy in his thirties who has a heavy accent and not very understandable and who works 80 hours a week says if he agrees with you.
Me: So, you said that your landlord fed you with rotten fish?

Korean friend: Rightrightright!
by brian April 23, 2005
Anything that is designed or made to closely look like a particular object or subject, in order to perform such task as reenactments.
I designed a replica of John's head to reenact the crash, in order to figure out how to make car's safer
by brian March 2, 2004
A precieved phenomenon in which a person turns red after a small amount of alcohol consumption. Most commonly occuring in those of asian decent, it is the release of histamines to fight the alchohol (poison) that causes the redness. If an antihistimineis taken prior to the consumption, the redness is replaced with swelling in those with allergic reactions.
After one drink Brad gets the Asian Glow.
by brian February 1, 2005
Superior pwnage. Something that pwns more than pwnage. For example, you may get 20 kills in counter-strike and call that pwnage, but pwnagio would be like 100 kills.
Liek h4x I got 80 kills in Halo PC! Pwnagio!
by brian March 31, 2004
exclamatory phrase used to show one's excite for a particular event or happening.
by brian July 7, 2003