The hip new trend of masturbating before bed. Popular amongst young millennials, Gen Z, and other suburban youth.
*Alright, I'm heading to bed.
* Don't forget about the nightly routine.
*Yeah man of course.
by Genius123321456654 March 22, 2020
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1. An occurence that can be defined as happening twice a night or every second night depending on the person you speak to.

2. Alternatively it can mean a person or group of people whose sexuality changes preference at night
1. Anthony: I jack it Bi-Nightly

Brodie: does that mean your going to jack it twice in one night?, you'll rip the skin off it.

Anthony: It can mean either

2. Mick: I'm going to get pounded tonight

Glenn: I thought you were straight?

Mick: Yes but i'm Bi-nightly
by Micksakunt October 16, 2018
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One hell of a pker. Uses range/mage/melee combos to own all the noobs. Proud member of Carnage.
Person 1:Holy crap its Nightly Glow omfg run!!@#!%
n00b:Nah I can take him man.
*n00b gets 3 hit by Nightly Glow*
by ruinedscape November 10, 2008
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An object show (animated series about objects) created by Allenimations. Reboot of Allenimations previous show Object Manor.
“Did you see the new episode of The Nightly Manor yet?”
“Yeah I loved it!”
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(noun) the act of receiving head while multitabling online poker
Man, I was 4-tabling the 2/4 game on Pokerstars last night. Next thing I know, my girlfriend walks in the room, unzips my pants and gives me the nightly furgeson!
by Gildwulf December 14, 2006
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A ship between a friend named lesser and another friend named nightly
by Mr.Raisin January 30, 2018
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