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To take from another with or without permission.
"Can I borrow your wallet?"
by Emily Kimble April 23, 2006
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Used to mean "lend", as in the sentence, "lend me".

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Jack: Mate, can you borrow me a quid?
Louis: I borrowed you a fiver like... two weeks ago and I still never got it back. So nah mate.
by JoeyJoeJoington February 08, 2011
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Word used by an ignorant person when asking you to loan them something.
"Dude, can you borrow me your dictionary?"

"Yea, you obviously need it more than I do!"
by _\l/_MoBud_\l/_ August 05, 2008
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To steal something you want from an establishment (regardless of your current financial situation).
I wanted some new shorts for spring break, so I just borrowed a few pairs from my local department store.
by mmolloy41 April 18, 2011
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When someone asks you to lend them something. Normally they'll return it, But if they don't, they'll usually lie n say "I'll give it to you tomorrow dude"
Hey dude, can I borrow your tights for tomorrow?
by Hunnasmine November 10, 2015
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A word that once meant lend, and now means give it to me.
Rocco asked if he could borrow my Luciano Pavarotti cd's. I told him to buy them on Amazon (cheap bastard!)
by noseyrosy August 31, 2017
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