To take from another with or without permission.
"Can I borrow your wallet?"
by Emily Kimble April 23, 2006
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To steal something you want from an establishment (regardless of your current financial situation).
I wanted some new shorts for spring break, so I just borrowed a few pairs from my local department store.
by mmolloy41 April 19, 2011
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A word that once meant lend, and now means give it to me.
Rocco asked if he could borrow my Luciano Pavarotti cd's. I told him to buy them on Amazon (cheap bastard!)
by noseyrosy August 31, 2017
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when you ask someone to let you use something and know damn well you not giving it back
hey can I borrow that for a few

hehe I'm not giving that motherfucker this thing back
by nigger hater 2002 October 7, 2018
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A borrower is a small person ,about 2 inches tall, who lives in the walls of humans and borrows things that they need to survive. If they are seen by said human, they must leave that house and find a new host.
Dude1: dude, have you seen insert object of little importance here ?
Dude2: yo, maybe a borrower took it
Borrower: I can indeed confirm that.
Both dudes: dude...
by Tricky kitten 13 October 26, 2019
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The act of borrowing a product (typically software), but shall return it upon a personal request of a company.
Person 1: Hey, where did you get all that software?
Person 2: I borrowed it
Person 1: From who?
Person 2: The Internet!
Person 1: Isn't that illegal?
Person 2: Nope, I'm borrowing it. They just need to ask and they can have it back.
by iPlayAtAushwitz May 11, 2011
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Used to mean "lend", as in the sentence, "lend me".

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Jack: Mate, can you borrow me a quid?
Louis: I borrowed you a fiver like... two weeks ago and I still never got it back. So nah mate.
by JoeyJoeJoington February 9, 2011
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