Former U.S. president whose cum stains are all over the floor of the Oval Office from when he banged Monica Lewinsky.
Me: Bill, why would you do Monica Lewinsky? Don't you have any good taste in women?

Bill Clinton: Well, she's an upgrade from Hillary!
by Woody K. November 29, 2012
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To get a blowjob while at work.
I heard Jay Sardi got a Bill Clinton the other day.
by Walker October 4, 2004
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the act of getting fallatio (a blow job) in a forbidden place.
I got a Bill Clinton on the school balcony.
Bill Clinton got a Bill Clinton in the Oval Office from Monica Lewinsky, and now that guff slut, butchi has her own T.V. show.

My friend got a Bill Clinton in the plan bathroom, and is now a part of the Mile High club.
by Kevin Clowser April 23, 2003
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42nd President of the United States, thought to be our first black President because he dated fat white chicks!
Dat gangsta pulls a Bill Clinton every weekend by boning a new fat white chick!
by BigBird1017 March 19, 2008
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when a group is smoking marijuana, the first one to stop smoking and or leave the group is known as the "Bill Clinton".
One more hit David. Dont be a Bill Clinton!

"i didnt inhale and i didnt like it"
by timothy dinkleman November 28, 2007
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The act of smoking marijuana, but not inhaling, and therefore not getting high
by Rey December 1, 2004
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