The slowest possible rate at which one can die.
She spends all the time bettering her health.
by Daniel Munro May 6, 2005
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Only the best Noise Rock band to come out of LA. Known for their colorful merch and original style. They create noises no man has created before with a combination of drum pads, pedals , mics and amps.
Noise kid 1: Dude did you see Health and Captain Ahab at the smell last night?
Noise kid 2: Yeah Jupiter from Health is so dreamy he gets the gay boys whistlin'.
by GETCOLOR April 11, 2007
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Word to describe an awesome person/action/situation
Dude 1: I slammed two bitches last night.
Dude 2: Aww man thats health!

Frank: Yo, son, Jenny wants to do you, and i hear shes totally health in bed!
by The Burn Out November 17, 2006
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A complete state of mental, physical and social well being
The guy lived to 100 as he always lead a healthy lifestlye
by Phillip mckraken February 21, 2009
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When health becomes a verb. The act of consciously living well - not only making smart lifestyle decisions but also actively seeking knowledge to navigate medical treatments and care.
Healthing means that I commit to doing all that I can to seek the knowledge I need to keep my body and emotional well-being in the best shape they can be in.
by Iamlisamachado July 26, 2020
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A four piece noise rock band from Los Angeles, CA. First started playing together in 2006 at the Smell; an all ages DIY venue in downtown LA.

Recorded their first album at the Smell in 2006- 2007. Say it was the 'worse idea' and 'super stressful'

Touring follwed all over the US and Europe. Now say Liverpool is a good city to go to.

After the Crystal Castles remix of 'Crimewave' entered the top spot in the UK indie charts. HEALTH produced a remix album titled HEALTH// DISCO. The line reads 'ALL THE HITS REMIXED'. The album featured remixers and dance producers hand picked by the band.

Recorded their second album, this time in a studio. Again, they said it was 'super stressful'. Though they later cleared up that everything they do is stressful.

For the release of the new album the band came up with the Golden Ticket Give-away. The band hand made all the 66 tickets, all related to different prizes. The band made a point by only putting the album cd's with the tickets only available to buy in indie stores. The band also drew up a list of prizes that correlated to the number on the ticket. Prizes inlcude: all paid trip to LA, objects signed in the bands own blood and a bag of cat hair.

Touring followed. This time the band went to Australia and New Zealand.

HEALTH have an internet television show which will feature members of the band called HEALTHvision. Also in early 2010 will produce one off designer items for a limited time.

HEALTH is all caps
by RoboticParrot April 4, 2010
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When you eat healthy foods in an effort to improve your general health.
Joe: So, Bob, can you call up Shaquisha? We can all go down and get some KFC.

Bob: Nah, she spent her night healthing herself, so she probably won't come with us.
by Joe's vaginal mesh August 26, 2015
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