The length of time a president is in the office.

A tragic moment in a president’s term.
Carter’s presidency was blank years long.

JFK’s presidency was to end with one.
by Shinykiki123 February 3, 2019
That weird guy who somehow always loses his shoelaces...

Hem hem
Guy:Hi, Mr. President! Love your shoelaces

The President:Thanks, they're new. Someone keeps stealing them...
by September 14, 2020
The female version of the President. A Female President...A Presidant!
I wonder if in 4 years Kamala Harris will become the first Presidant of the United States.
by K E Palanca May 23, 2021
Before getting this job, no one will give a shit about who you are. When you get this job, everyone in the country (whether conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, etc.) will hate you at one point or another. After you leave this job, people will either praise you to high heaven or bitch about how badly the country is doing because you were the President.
George Bush. Bill Clinton. Those two are all the examples you need of why being the President is a mistake.
by FVZA May 20, 2006
political figurehead that all of America blames their problems on, acting as if the president had any real power and was diliberately making horrible decisions.
man, our economy is in the toilet and unemployment is sky-high, it's all that damn president's fault.
by TheVoiceOfReason January 26, 2005
a very stupid person who runs the most powerful country in the world
by Josh August 3, 2003