The quality or state of condition.

Something simple people pride themselves in or around.
by larstait October 21, 2003
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in CSS, the value is the amount or setting of a property.
selector {text-weight: bold;} - this applies the value 'bold' to the property 'text-weight'.
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
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1. adds something to work product that cannot be produced by the original author of such work;

2. being acknowledged and appreciated by ones clientele; and

3. earning more money than what one spends.
What does yed even mean? Man they really don't add any value do they?
by Affirmative October 31, 2014
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A special kind of sentiment added to an object after having it rubbed against a man's crotchular region.
Kid: Hey older brother look at my SUPER RARE POKEMON CARD!
Older Brother: *Takes card and rubs against crotch*
Kid: What was that for?
Older Brother: *Hands back card* Just addin' some value.
by dirtyharrybeats January 6, 2011
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When something works in your favour / to your delight
Person 1 "Fancy going Nando's??"
Person 2 "VALUE"
by jgambo August 21, 2009
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A very dynamic set of beliefs that serve as a core tenant of political candidate campaigns, yet are not a reliable metric to determine a candidate's worthiness of office.

The term represents one or more beliefs in the candidate's belief system. A popular strategy is to campaign on strong core values while avoiding clearing defining what those values actually are.

Candidates typically avoiding defining their values and will typically deflect to another talking point. However, when cornered, candidates may attempt to define their values, but throughout the rest of the campaign they are free to add, edit, or remove any subset of their values for the sake of voter turnout.
Sarah Palin boasts about her small-town values, which include Christianity, pro-life, small government, being able to see Russia, giving shoutouts to elementary school classrooms during a televised debate, and allowing her daughters to throw massive parties, destroy property, and let innocent boys take the fall for their actions.
by ShartyPants October 21, 2010
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