A frozen drink sold at 7-eleven in many different flavors. Dispensed by machines that are broken most of the time.
Would you be wanting a slurpee with that?
by PiE! March 18, 2003
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A sweet-tasting frozen drink made by continually stirring a flavored syrop at a below-freezing temperature to create a frozen, yet fluid drink. One of God's greatest gifts to humans.
Great for cooling down in the summer, but best in the winter after hockey games.
You guys want anything from Sev?
Yeah: Slurpees!
by Julius Caesar June 12, 2003
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A slurpee is when you pee while yelling slurs.
Mark:im taking a slurpee!
by youremotherihavedone November 26, 2021
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(sler-pea) n.
1. A tight lipped butthole sucking.

2. Popular 7/11 frozen beverage.

V. Slurped
Adj. Slurptastic

Synonyms: slurpoo

Antonyms: fellatio
"Dude, Jen gave me the best slurpee last night."
"Did you hear how many slurpees Jen sucked out last week?"
by carcass July 20, 2014
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A sexual act where the anus is licked back to front and the tongue is cupped in a slurpee straw fashion to hold stool. The slurping progresses from the perineum up the shaft of the penis and the stool is then deposited in the urethra causing a UTI. Preferred time of day for this act is 7:11
“Hey doc, can I get an antibiotic rx cuz my gf finally gave me that slurpee I’ve been begging for”
by LaurensMom39 July 23, 2019
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Cum deposit left on skin needing to be slurped up.
She said, "Don't come in me, give me a slurpee."
by Kremsky Pieluv July 2, 2010
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the act of receiving oral stimulatin from a babe until you erupt both piss and jizz all over her mouth, face, tits... you name it
R.jiga: yo nigga where were you at?

G.chav: man i was just at 7-11, i know the chick that works there so i got myself a free chili dog and a slurpee.
by LasPlagas October 22, 2009
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