Someone or something that exceeds far more than expectation. To "blow something out of the water".
Christopher was exponentially better at rock climbing than Stephanie. He blew her out of the water when they raced to the top!
by Linsey R. Morton May 6, 2007
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Though in mathematics and in formal use, "exponentially" describes something which is growing and whose rate of growth is accelerating, in casual use the word is bastardized and is simply a generic intensifier. See also: "literally."
"Dude, I am exponentially high right now."
by tp217 March 8, 2021
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Used when solving differential equations, means to take the exponent of.
Question:How do you solve 2y'=y ?
Answer: Well, you integrate the equation y'=y/2, then exponentiate both sides to get y=Ce^(1/2x).
by Avi Raju April 3, 2005
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Applies to any rate of growth which is larger than some expected rate of growth.

In common usage, however, only a small sample size is available, and exponential applies to sufficiently large positive rate of growth.

In mathematical terms, exponential growth is "superlinear"
Person 1: The number of African American presidents in the US is growing exponentially.

Person 2: That's right!

Person 1: The ant population in my kitchen seems to double every week.

Person 2: Oh... well at least it's not growing exponentially

Person 3: x log x grows exponentially.
by FineHall October 14, 2009
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the fact of life where all work for any given task that would equal 90% is done again to reach the 100% goal, thereby having an exponential effect. This case is not always a 90/10 degree and can deviate either way to some degree. In terms of college, this can lead to battle of whether to spend the enormous amount of time working for that perfect score, or catching up on not so needed sleep. For most students, the answer is almost immediately obvious.
By following the natural law of exponentiality, I decided to not put in the extra book of research for my last essay on "Theories behind Moore's Law" for my Professor....I got a B+.
by MLWP December 31, 2009
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A Concept that the rate of growth is increasing, and the rate that the rate of growth is increasing is increasing. Word comes from "exponent" which is when the exponent rises, the base increases but more and more each time, making a graph that will eventually appear to be completely vertical on any scaled graph.
"The growth of the number of covid cases in 2020 was almost exponential; there was more and more cases every day."
by thats math March 1, 2022
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A sophisticated mathematical term that describes rapid growth of imaginary things, or things that can’t be measured
We can’t win reelection exponentially.
by Obiden-Bama March 9, 2020
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