Someone who wants to have sex with a crypted
P1:man I wish Bigfoot would eat my ass
P2:tf your such a crypted fucker
by HomostuckButLessDeath December 7, 2021
Underground MC from the group Outerspace and part of Army Of The Pharaohs. he's absolutely untouchable and a real ass muthafucka! Too important to explain on here... Just look him up and be in awe!!!!!
Crypt The Warchild,"Don’t hit me with the drama, don’t approach me ’bout no B.I
Cause I’m a Pharaoh king, and y’all ain’t worthy of a reply
Bodies I’ve caught decomposing on the seaside
Catch me river dancing through the bloody waters, knee-high
Mind state is cut throat, can’t walk around deprived
My team shut it down, and they access will be denied
Crown royal status Puerto-Ricans, that’s how we ride
Nocturnal foes mesmerized by the streetlights
One shot at glory, game will never give you three tries
For the haters I’ve murked, they would love to see me die
Acid tripping vision, everything look hi-defy
Drugs, money, liquor, only things that get me by!"
by UrbanGorilla303 February 9, 2015
That dirty old pervert who sits the entrance of the stage to harass dancers
If that crypt keeper touches me again I am Gunna break off his bony finger and shove it up his ass.
by Ted monster March 7, 2015
The best form of marijuana, The bud has a blue hue to it rather than the usual green. It gives off the smell of blueberries.
-yo man you sure this is weed? it smells like blueberrys.
-yeah its blueberry crypt.
by michael fruebnat March 8, 2008
After- dark booty call. Someone you would never be caught out with in puiblic by any of your friends because they are so ugly,nasty..etc..
"Did you see John sneaking over to Felicia's house last night?"

"Yeah I saw him, guess he don't want anyone to know he is fucking that crypt keeper!"
by Funky_Girl November 6, 2007
(Noun) - A sexually-aggressive older woman (see "cougar and MILF"), now past the point of potential attractiveness/interest from her own potential conquests; usually identified by rail-thin body, over-exposing tight clothing, a cloud of expensive perfume (presumably to mask the odor of decay), tight facial skin that favors stretched plastic wrap, unblinking reptile-like eyes, and makeup that looks like it was applied by a Hollywood special-effects artist.

This reference is also due to the creature's innate horror-film-like ability to appear attractive from the rear, yet upon turning around they will immediately startle the other person; crypt-keepers are commonly known to be able to frighten small dogs and can cause babies to burst into tears.
"Whoa... she went from 'MILF' to 'cougar' to 'crypt-keeper' in a space of only three years!"
by GraysonoftheWood February 8, 2010