Shit, bitch. I ain't got no condoms so I'll use this plastic wrap.
by Arkeroen April 22, 2003
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When you are being hugged by a fake or plastic person.
Becky the popular gets plastic wrapped by her goons everyday in school.
by Ratiella August 21, 2019
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A special event that occurs when three or more hobos enter an abandoned Winnebago, wrap their faces in plastic wrap coated in hemmeroid cream with cocaine, and begin sticking some D’s in some A’s to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. If the event is well planned snakes, rats and sometimes even squirrels, if nearby, are wrapped up in tortillas with lime juice and even their A’s get some sweet Hobo D’s. At the end of the night everybody has a finger in either a Hobo, Squirrel or rat’s pooper.
“This is what I’m, your friend, and us hobos in that old Winne there...a plastic wrap special...some D’s in some squirrel A’s, Bobby’s hemmeroid cream...and lots of plastic wrap. Very nice evening...oh yeah. Relaxing.”
by The Good Dude Giveth June 7, 2018
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