A word (used primarily by Brazilian gamers or those parodying them) similar to "haha" or "lol".
Terrible Brazilian LoL Player: (Dies to Rammus) TAUNT OP- hue hue hue

Other LoL Player: Shut up baddie.
by Bloodlustftw December 12, 2012
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A common laugh used by brazillians. It's usually used after mocking someone, fooling arround or seeing something really funny/stupid.

Because it became famous among the internet, HUE is now a way of identifying brazillians on MMOs.
MMOplayer1: Give money plis.
MMOplayer2: BR here.
by randombrazillian May 19, 2015
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-"what's your password?"
--"this dick!"
-"says it is too short..."
by Veption December 29, 2016
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A fruity word that Baron cannot pronounce.
Hue is a city in Vietnam.
by Viper007Bond June 26, 2004
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hue is an amazing, artistic girl who always tries her hardest academically and is rlly pretty she is a lovely person and is a bit gorgeous
awww she’s so pretty
yeah she’s a hue
by feminists unite December 9, 2022
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