One... um... er... ah, er........ you know, why don't we just stop there?
by The Ugly One February 28, 2004
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a shot from beyond the arc in basketball worth three points, as opposed to shots inside the arc, which are only worth two points
Pinnock hit two threes in a row against URI on Saturday.
by kennedy March 5, 2005
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NOUN- the result of ejaculation. One is to urinate, two is to deficate, and three is to ejaculate.
Dont bother me for the next five minutes, I gotta drop a three.
by The architect February 15, 2005
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Count to ten, class. One, two, three...
by Albert February 15, 2004
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A number Symbolizing Power. Used many times in mythology and found many times in the bible as power.
and he shall return on the 3rd day.
by Wiggity Wack March 12, 2004
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1: A number that VALVe can't count to. See the Portal & Team Fortress series

2: see Half-Life 3
1: I wonder when we'll ever get Portal 3, let alone Team Fortress three

2: Half-Life 3 confirmed
by LoyalTheorist42 August 12, 2017
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