moving around quietly and sneakily. usually done in the dark by slick ninja-types.

the act of being sneaky and sneaking around like a snake. a very slippery criminal. a smooth-talker talking smooth like a slippery devil. a very bad person. a person with no morals and who lacks the values of a good christian boy. a very bad boy. ive been very bad. sorry mommy!!!

... what was it that i was defining?
The slick ninja snuckt into the window like a very bad and slippery sea weasel who slupt into the sea. its hard to use in a know... sneaking!
by barnabus July 13, 2006
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A better word for sneakers but only shortened
"Dude have you seen my sneak sneaks?" John asked. "Your what?" Ellie said confused. "My sneak sneaks? Never mind I found them" he held up his sneakers. "Oh your sneakers. "
by A doll with a dream December 9, 2018
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Technique used if a girl lets you finger her in the ass, but won't let you have anal sex with her. Most effective when you can tell that she is curious to try it and turned on by her own naughty thoughts, but scared that it will hurt. Sneaking it in occurs after you have successfully put one, then two fingers in her ass. This is when you quickly make the switch, pulling the two fingers out of her ass and sneaking your cock in there instead without her noticing the switch until its too late. This is when she will most likely just accept that she has a cock in her ass and just keep taking it.
Last night I ended up sneaking it in on this chick, and she took it like a champ after the instant realization that she was no longer an anal virgin.
by Quagmire_G December 12, 2009
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The 1936 equivilant of The Cheat.

A lively fellow who is really quite unique. Small, smart and yellow with a rodent-like phisique. Doesn't play the cello and never gets to speak. Strong Bad's Leporello.

A dapper swindler out of Tammany hall who got what's for from Boss Tweed. Once did the holly-golly on the Panama Canal. A jaunty jacknapes with moxie and pizazz. Drinks bootleg hooch and listens to the jazz. Captures all the clever girls affections and made off with my Fluffy Puff confections.

He's dasterdly, loves catastrophy, his schemes are masterly, takes tea at half past three. Dropped the Homestar Runner from his flying machine and put a bengal tiger in the Kaizer's latrine.

The sneak, I showed him what's for!
by Vit June 25, 2003
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cheap shotting someone when they dont expect it
like if hes talking to someone and i come from nowhere and sneak him right in the face
by Vince February 28, 2005
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Quietly moving around places that you aren't supposed to. Also to come up behind someone without noticing and possibly scaring them if they notice you.
by sasukewolf July 11, 2008
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comes from sneakers so it means shoes
yo ma sneaks aint clean
by olly June 2, 2004
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