1.something really cool.2.used to express joy in something/someone.3.to express that something is really or very good.

1. Yo man this rollercoaster in the shiznit!
2. Dang i can't believe you stood up to that bully! you're the shiznit!
3. This pizza is the shiznit.

see also the shit.
by Jane_Doe_88 May 19, 2006
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a word invented by a girl named Kryctee from NJ in the early 90's. now widely known everywhere and used to death, it has never been rightly credited.
that girl Kryctee was the shiznit. she was the most unique person i ever met. she made everyone around her snort soda out their noses from laughing so hard.
by Kryctee made up the shiznit January 20, 2011
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shortened term for "that is the shit, isn't it ?"
by mierda March 18, 2003
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More "urbanized" form of the shit. Basically means really, really good. Other versions include:hella cool,tight, the best.
Damn Tony! Your new ride is the shiznit! Lemme borrow it to drive by Mya's.
by Marimar June 11, 2004
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derivative of the word shiznit, shiznit but with more emphasis, the best of the best
Now that I've seen that on TV, that is the shiznite!
by Drew July 8, 2004
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1. Something either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.
2. A variation of the word "shit".
1. "That movie was the shiznits!"
2. "You don't know shiznits; now go get me a damn beer!"
by Blah May 12, 2003
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adj. 1) the best; 2) the greatest, in a certain category or universally; 3) gaddam' phenomenal, bi-atch!
Master says, "I'm the shiznit! Hell'z yeah!"
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