to make one have an orgasm during sexual intercourse (veeerrryyy good one)
"break me off, show me what you got, cuz i dont want no oooone minute man" - missy
by alex May 21, 2003
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1. To kill.
2. To have sex with.
I breaks 'em off, but I ain't speakin' about between the thighs
I'm speaking about cockin' a gage right between your eyes
-Dr. Dre, A Nigga Witta Gun

Also "break 'em off some", "break 'em off something".
by Anne D June 19, 2005
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To give someone an orgasm. Usually to a female. Not exclusive to only intercourse, but also orally or by any other means, depending on how tight your game is.
Break off..."I don't mind breakin her off cause she aint with the drama" -plies in shawty
by The Ace of Hearts October 16, 2007
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means to dance with someone and make them horny but mainly its a girl making a guy get a boner.
word is mainly used wit younger teens.
by Tenisha January 18, 2005
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Freek dancin wit someone quickly and normally is very very good because the goal is to give an orgasm or make a guy get a boner, depending on who you are dancin wit
She broke me off a little piece of dat ass and it was so dam good
by mpdob8 June 6, 2005
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to put the breaks on means to stop and see what some one is beefing about- breaks-off means to run in an all out panic to save ones life.
He beat the "breaks-off" that chump!
by Rekio Frost October 15, 2006
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