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in context to either drugs or sex... a different way to tell your parents so they will never find out
"Hey, Son, What are you doing this weekend at Max's house?"
"Oh, just the usual"
by Mackenzierae October 29, 2005
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Something only said by CherriPoppins16 on aim.
Hi I am big gay cherripoppins16 "oh, the usual!!" *cough*
by bigboobs69 April 02, 2003
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When a person walks into a bathroom to drop a deuce, and stands up when their finished only to realize they were sitting on another person who was using the toilet the entire time.
I walked into the bathroom and gave this chick The Usual.
by LukeMX1 October 21, 2007
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A group of girls from all different schools who work hard during the week and party hard on weekends. They are all besets of friends and are unbreakable.
They are the girls that get invited to everything but it seems like some bitchs like to call them gay mmmm lots of love to them
1: should we invite the usuals?
2: is that even a question
via giphy
by badass286237848 October 30, 2019
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