Ugliness is the property of physical things that are unappealing to the eye. The term is frequently used in reference to human appearance. The opposite of ugliness is beauty.

Ugliness is a matter of subjective aesthetics, one person may think something beautiful that another may find ugly.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
I'm filled with ugliness.
by stillborndesires March 30, 2005
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1) quality which makes a person or thing physically unappealing
2) a flaw in an otherwise valuable and precious object
3) imperfection which makes a person truly human and normal
1) ugliness is not a crime
2) the true ugliness of his car was the plastic happy face with the cowboy hat on the end of the antenna (but he couldn't be bothered to remove it)
3) even though he considered his every flaw to be ugliness, she saw the beauty of it all.
by picklejar August 14, 2004
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used as being built like ugliness.
rick astley: am i built like ugliness?
rick roll: yes, you're built like ugliness.
by alphabetbarney March 5, 2021
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The worst kind of ugliness. Ugly beyond belief.
"I been called ugly, fugly, pug fugly but never ugly ugly" - Moe Sizlak
by bosco May 14, 2004
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an organization that promotes the idea that ugly ppl should only date ugly ppl so they don't spoil the gene pool for the beautiful ppl
Mike: Yo, did you see that hot girl with that bufugly dude?
Jaymses: What the fuck is going on?!!
Prak: OMG, I would never walk around in daylight with him.
Michelle: We need to get that chic an Uglies for Uglies brochure ASAP.
by mike, jaymes, prak, michelle January 3, 2006
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the period of time where you just don’t look like yourself. your confidence is at an all time low now. you can get out of it though.
“i have the ugly, i can’t go out
by ikonic July 23, 2019
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Something society trains us to think we are.
by definetheundefined October 25, 2011
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