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-v. intr., to provide accommodations or a place for visitors. In the world of personal ads, it means that your place is okay.
Tall, slender SWF looking for a hot SWM to service her engine. No STDs. I can host.
by Stud Muffin August 30, 2003
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A gaming battlecry a team will rally behind when losing badly.
"Dude were down 4-1 they must have host!"
"25 kills, wow that dudes host for sure"
by xWraithx666 February 03, 2009
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One who; through actions, speech, or other written or verbal assertion (intentional or not); deserves to be bitch-slapped, jumped, verbally assaulted, or otherwise hurt or insulted by cause of said assertion.

...essentially, a tool.
Jake: "Hey! Come hang out today!"
David: "Sorry, I can't. I'm hanging out with Erica, my girlfriend by whom I am incredibly and unbelievably whipped, today."
Jake: "Dude, you're such a fucking host."
David: "Yeah; I know."
by Lord Nacho March 21, 2009
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Someone who is the top commander for an event, such as a party, a social gathering, or an organized formal ceremony.
This year, Larry is the host for the class of 2000 high school reunion .
by jenny rey May 29, 2005
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Person who hosts an online game and bullshits the hell out of everyone in their game
Dude 1- OMG nigga that dude just killed me
Dude 2- Yeah he's a host

Host- I raped the fuck out of those kids
by Irapebabies September 22, 2009
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1. A website that owns and controls another website, such as A website that lets you make your own.
2. The victim of a parasite.
1. The webmaster slowly enveloped the host's bandwidth.
2. The parasite slowly enveloped the host's bloodstream.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 15, 2003
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A Very faggish Thing On Halo
Where One Lucky Person, Seems To Have More "Skill".
But They Really Dont
They Just Got Lucky Enough To Host The Game.
(GamerTag001): Oh Shit, That Bitch Gots Host!
(GamerTag002): In Yo' Face N00blet Fucking Negro, I'll Eat You Up For Dinner, Lynch You, Then Pwn You On My Favorite Map Ever, Coagulation
(GamerTag001): We All Know You're A Noob. Fuck You. Fuck Coagulation. Go Back To Halo 1, You Fucking Colored-Skinned Noob.
by leak October 06, 2005
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