Slang for "'the fuck"
by IKTV November 28, 2015
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The Fuck. Most commonly used as a shortened WTF. However, TF is used in instances when WTF takes too long to be said. TF is also used in a more exclamatory sort of phrasing.
Josh: Hey, dude, look out for the FUCKING TRAIN!

Nate: TF? *hit by train*
by Doople Banger May 14, 2009
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'the fuck' as in the last two letters of wtf
whotf is this asshole?

whytf did that kid just do that?

wheretf do you think you're going?

whentf did this asshole get here?

howtf did that shit just go down?

by Bophadeez May 25, 2010
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Short for "Transformation Fantasy" or "Transformation Fetish" or just simply "Transformation".
Some furries actually have TF fetishes.
by ISDLBZF October 27, 2018
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An internet acroynm that means 'the fuck'.
tf is that?
tf are you doing
by micke3737 July 2, 2015
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Twisted Fate. Character on the action-rts game League of Legends.
Looks like im gonna be fighting a tf mid
by Jimbo 559 July 22, 2012
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tittie fuck, if you cant use your imagination then its basically sticking your dick between some tits then fucking them...can leave nasty stains on your chest if he's just eaten beans or something
by nza May 13, 2004
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