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1) to irritate or torment someone.

not said as "her ass"
"her ass" is what you put a skirt on.
Those kids always harass me, it gets annoying.
by T January 05, 2004
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In RTS games such as Warcraft3, it is to continuuously do hit and run attacks until the enemy begins to speak in a colourful language. However this can only be done if you have the upper hand, or when you know the army is away from base.
Player A: lez harass
Player B: aight
by jizzwhizz January 25, 2004
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Gay slang term for a sexual act that involves the knuckles but does not include the entire fist.
"Hey buddy you look really hot! I wanna harass you all night!"
by Mike Hodgson June 09, 2008
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