someone who is very skinny or has small body parts
"Yo!!,look at her bony ass"
by C~track June 20, 2007
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i can't do porn im in the screen actors guild, banging the ass ffactory
by James Thurmus October 12, 2003
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someone who is an utter slag and likes to go to parties and cheat on any boy she is with
him: have you seen that new girl
her: omg yeah she is such a bony
him: i know right
by Big shlongbe June 20, 2020
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(adj.) Much like being "Crunk" bonyed is the combination of being high and very, very drunk
C: Who was the second band you watched at Warped tour?
S: I have no clue dude, I was bonyed that whole fucking day!
by CerSer August 05, 2008
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A soon-to-be step-dad who tries acting like a father figure even though he's never had kids and calls the mother "babe" around her kids. Makes extremely cringy and awkward compliments. Thinks he understands kids.
"That guys such a bonie!"
by AntiLGBT May 08, 2020
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The stage your penis is in after ejaculation. Its not as strong as a boner but not as soft as a semi. its a bonie. Or another word for morning wood.
1. I woke up with a bonie

2. A bonie is like having 3/4 of a tank of gas
by gerardtb June 09, 2009
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