someone who is very skinny or has small body parts
"Yo!!,look at her bony ass"
by C~track June 21, 2007
I like your leather 8-ball jacket. It's bony.
by izikeyl September 18, 2005
i can't do porn im in the screen actors guild, banging the ass ffactory
by James Thurmus October 13, 2003
someone who is an utter slag and likes to go to parties and cheat on any boy she is with
him: have you seen that new girl
her: omg yeah she is such a bony
him: i know right
by Big shlongbe June 21, 2020
A soon-to-be step-dad who tries acting like a father figure even though he's never had kids and calls the mother "babe" around her kids. Makes extremely cringy and awkward compliments. Thinks he understands kids.
"That guys such a bonie!"
by AntiLGBT May 8, 2020
(adj.) Much like being "Crunk" bonyed is the combination of being high and very, very drunk
C: Who was the second band you watched at Warped tour?
S: I have no clue dude, I was bonyed that whole fucking day!
by CerSer August 5, 2008
One of talent, and beauty. Also pronounced Bonnie. See also paper doll.
She is so boni, it hurts.
by ShanQUEESta March 14, 2004