When you unexpectedly insert your cock into a girls mouth while she is yawning.
While walking down the dorm hall, I gave Sarah a surprise.
by Bang Anus June 27, 2004
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When a girl takes a shot in the face unexpectedly while giving oral pleasure.
Koos: Oh man... I accidentally gave Leslie a surprise in the eye.
by Fuzz February 5, 2004
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An Interjection by which brings exempt any federal, state, or local rape laws that would be charged on "the rapist" from the complete owning of another person in any sort of gameplay. When yelling surprise, the effect is doubled when it is yelled just after turning the lights on and wearing a party hat.

Can be used for video games, or real life games, like jenga, sockem boppers, football, or even monopoly.

Creator's quote: "It's not rape if you yell Surprise."
(When Paintballing)
*Person one moves up to forward cover, oblivious to location of opponent. Person two comes from behind*
Person two: *Wearing party hat* SURPRISE BITCH!!! *lights person one up with an excessive amount of painballs*
by The Rock Captain November 9, 2011
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Sister city located about 20 miles n/w of Phoenix
You live in Surprise? Is that a city? or a joke?
by Kevin Beasley November 19, 2007
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1.To strike with wonder or amazement especially because unexpected

2. To spread ones cheeks to present ones anus to unspected on lookers.
I suddenly lost my appitite, upon getting suprised by Bob.
by Evan February 10, 2004
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euphemism for the act of rape, i.e. surprise sex; intercourse you weren't expecting to have
The diamond store billboard read, "Surprise her. She'll love it." I'm actually fairly certain she won't.
by EL January 19, 2005
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a fart with a lump or sauce following it out
Shit man I got to change my underware I farted and got a surprise.
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
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